Registration & Naming:

Boundaries for the new PK-8 were adopted by the School Board in December.  Use this link to view our attendance area.

We are currently accepting general registration for preschool, kindergarten, and grades 1-8, along with open enrollment. While the official windows for preschool, kindergarten, and open enrollment have closed, we are still accepting applications on a rolling basis.  

Open enrollment for the Erie PK-8 can be completed on-line (preferred method) via the Erie PK-8 Online Open Enrollment Form or a paper form can be turned in at Erie High School from 7:00am-3:00pm. Please call us at (303) 702-8020 if you need assistance or have questions.

Can I register if Erie PK-8 is not my home school?

You will first need to complete an Open Enrollment application starting on December 1. Open Enrollees will be notified of their acceptance or waitlist placement by February 7. You will register after you receive an acceptance letter. We will continue to accept open enrollment applications on a rolling basis after the OE window.

When do I turn in my Kindergarten registration?

We will begin accepting Kindergarten registration December 1. Full day Kindergarten requires a deposit of $145. This can be turned in at Erie High School.

When will the school be named?

Community members will be able to submit name, color, and mascot suggestions betrween February 1-19 via an on-line survey. The results of this survey will be reviewed by a committee comprised of community members, parents, students and educators who will narrow down the suggestions to five choices.  The school community will vote on these choices between February 28-March 7.  The results of the survey will be presented to the School Board who will make a final decision on March 14.

Programming & Logistics:

What are the strengths of a PK-8 model?

While there are numerous benefits to a PK-8 model, four main strengths are:

  • Curriculum acceleration: Our PK-8 model will offer the opportunity for student’s needs for advancement to be met in our building or by simply walking next door to the high school.  For example, a 5th grade student could take a 7th grade math class or an 8th grade student could take Algebra II at the high school.
  • Diverse programming options: As part of a large district and economies of scale, Erie PK-8 is able to offer the same kind of core classes, electives (band, choir, orchestra), and enrichment programs (robotics, coding, etc.) available at a traditional middle school. Therefore, students are able to gain the benefits of a small school without sacrificing the kind of programing available.
  • Size: The size of our elementary and middle school will allow for a much more personalized and rigorous learning environment/experience. With only 300-350 students at the middle level as compared to larger schools (Erie Middle School currently has 1,100 students), we will be able to not only more closely monitor each student’s progress but provide the necessary support or advancement that they will need.
  • Smoother transitions: The middle school years can be stressful for students and families as children grapple with the physical and emotional changes of adolescence. Some of this stress and anxiety comes from a change in physical environment from elementary school to middle school and from middle school to high school.  In a PK-8, a completely new building culture, new teachers and students is minimized as all of these variables will be the same. Collaboration between teachers to support students will be as simple as walking down the hall. The proximity to Erie High School will allow for similar benefits from 8th to 9th grade.

Will Erie PK-8 offer GT?

We will have a GT program that will foster the student's ALP goals through honors courses, differentiated assignments, individual goal setting, and parental partnerships. A GT teacher at the elementary level will support students and classroom teachers by meeting in small groups and developing activities that can be used in the classroom.

Will Erie PK-8 have before and after school care?

We will have before and after school care for Kindergarten-5th grade students through the district's Community Schools program. We will also be developing some programing options for middle school students through Community Schools.

Will Erie PK-8 have Pre-AP or advanced classes for middle school?

We will offer advanced core content options for every grade level at the middle school. Additionally, our proximity to the high school will allow for students to take classes at the high school if necessary (e.g. Algebra II in the 8th grade).

What electives will be available in middle school?

We will offer a full course offering in music including band, orchestra, and choir. We are in the process of developing our other elective offerings that are student centered and driven by interest and ability. We are considering electives in computer science, coding, art, foreign language, and online options. Generally, we will offer similar elective offerings as a typical middle school.

Will Erie PK-8 have sports and after school clubs for middle school?

Erie PK-8 6th-8th grade students will have the opportunity to participate in sports offered through St. Vrain including Girls Volleyball, Co-Ed Cross Country, Boys and Girls Basketball, and Co-Ed Track. We will be working directly with our student body to provide after school clubs and activities that students have interest in which will range from robotics and coding to art clubs and theater programs for all ages.

Will the overall structure of the middle school side differ from what it is like at other middle schools?

How does a combined school work? Students will have a distinct elementary and middle school experience. In essence, the middle school at the PK-8 will function in much the same way a regular middle school operates. Students will take core classes and student chosen elective classes throughout the day and will have a different teacher each class period. Middle school students will have lockers.

How will this school differ from other middle schools?

The Erie PK-8 will be a state-of-the-art building. There will be two dedicated maker spaces in addition to a media center and science labs. We will integrate physical activity into the school day as well as develop strong STEM educational experiences including a virtual reality lab. There will be a series of design thinking challenges. We will also have a strong connection to the environment including a school garden. Our classroom and common area spaces are designed to house flexible seating that enhances brain activity and development. Pivotal to our initial development will be the involvement of student groups in helping us develop a school culture.

What is the start time for students?

The exact start times are yet to be determined. That said we are paying close attention to staggering the start time from the high school enough to help with traffic congestion, while still allowing older siblings to drop off students at the PK-8. The start time is likely to be earlier than other Erie elementary schools.