Brittany Hadlow

Brittany Hadlow is quite adventurous. She began her adventure in Salt Lake City, Utah where she loved to learn. She then began seeking adventures elsewhere and went to New York and California for college and graduated with a BA in Drama. Italy seemed like a great place to explore, so she hopped over the ocean with her cat Pickle Nunu Face and taught English in a small village in Southern Italy. Pickle and her missed the states so they flew to Colorado where Miss Hadlow graduated from the Friends' Program with her teaching license and Masters in Education and Human Development with a concentration in Early Literacy. Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade have kept Miss Hadlow on her toes for the last 6 years, never knowing what adventure her students will take her on each day. Outside of school, Miss Hadlow is an adventurous yogi, theater lover, cooking enthusiast, and can't help herself in bing watching documentaries about other adventurers.

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