Christian Billington

Staff Department

Raised in the north of England, I attended university to the north of London and became a paramedic. During my time in this role, I nurtured a passion for connection with those that I supported and worked with. In hindsight, my counselors journey began a long time before this.

I moved to Colorado in 2003, and began working with chronically ill patients and their families in a hospital setting. In 2013, I completed my master’s degree in counseling at the University Of Colorado Denver, which is also where I undertook and completed my school counseling endorsement in the Spring of 2018.

I am incredibly excited to be starting my school counseling career at Soaring Heights supporting the Soaring Heights students and families, staff and community.

When not at work I will be with my family and friends, usually in the great outdoors. I enjoy road biking, writing and challenging myself to be better.