Liz Gunderson

My name is Liz Gunderson and I am proud to be a Soaring Heights Eagle! As a Boulder County native, I graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder. I am currently researching Master’s programs to continue my education. I have been teaching Kindergarten and 1st grade since 2014. It is truly an honor to guide my students as they discover what drives them. I believe that every child is a creative innovator capable of achieving great things. Let’s rise together!

    I live with my husband and two children at Carter Lake in the foothills of Berthoud. In addition to our 12 pets, we have hummingbirds, deer, and even  mountain lions that favor our neighborhood. Like most Coloradans, I enjoy hiking, camping, and being outdoors. I also have a plethora of weird hobbies, including archery, bee keeping, and kombucha brewing. I am insatiably curious! I love reading books and listening to podcasts. I am always excited to try new things so that I can share my experiences with my students.


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