Thank you to our amazing volleyball team for an outstanding season! -Coach Watkins and Coach Spirk

Registration for Volleyball 19-20 school year is now closed.  Please note a physical is not required at the Middle School level.

Coaches: Rachel Watkins and Megan Spirk

Volleyball Store - Please visit here to purchase volleyball apparel for your athlete and family! There are currently shorts, knee pads and shoes offered - and more apparel to come!!

Practice and game information can be found on our school calendar.

Practices will begin on Monday, August 19 at 3:30 PM in the Main Gym.

Games are on Wednesdays at 3:30 PM.

Drop off/Pick up for practices/games will be at the South doors next to the gym.


Wednesday, September 4th @ 4 PM at Soaring Heights

Wednesday, Sepember 11th @ 3:30 PM at Westview Middle School

Wednesday, September 18th @ 4 PM at Soaring Heights

Wednesday, September 25th @ 3:30 PM at Mead Middle School

Saturday, September 28th - Travel Team Tournament 7:30 AM Arrival

Important Notes:

*NO PRACTICE on Friday, September 20

*Please check school calendar for updates

*Please refer to school calendar for practice specfic information