Cooking Club (Middle School)

Cooking Club

Mrs. Kaminski and Mr. Kisskalt would like to invite you to join us for some cooking fun over the next several weeks.

Aspiring cooks and chefs will gain expertise in the following areas:

  • baking;
  • things that interest you;
  • and putting out grease fires. (Only kidding.)


We’ll work with a number of standard ingredients and cooking skills to expand our knowledge on the basis of our individual tastes and talents. We might cast aside some efforts, but we’ll no doubt be pleased with certain final dishes. (It’s rather like writing, actually.)

Our high school neighbors have been gracious enough to loan out their space to make this club happen. As such, we need a minimum of five student participants; our cap is twenty.  The fee will be $10/student.

Cooking Club will start Tuesday, February 5 and run through March 19 from 3.35-5.  Meet in Mr. Kisskalt’s room. If you are interested, please sign up online at Revtrak.  

We look forward to seeing you!


Staff: Eric Kisskalt and Katie Kaminski