Christina Haid

Health Clerk - Part Time
Staff Department

My name is Christina Haid and I am the Part Time Health Clerk at Soaring Heights.

My husband and I have lived in Erie for 14 years. Before having kids, I received my bachelors in Business Management and worked in the telecom industry for 8 years. However, I always felt like something was missing.  After having kids, I took a break from the corporate world.  During those years I have loved spending time in the schools volunteering for my kids classrooms, serving on the PTO, and helping teachers.  As my kids got older I worked as a para and a substitute for a few years, during this time I found myself drawn to helping kids a bit more.   

In my spare time I love to garden, paddle board, go to the beach and sailing in the carribean.  I love dogs, cats, and my family.  

I enjoy supporting our kids, teachers, and parents. I am excited for my future journey at Soaring Heights!