Elizabeth Kartiganer

I moved to Longmont Colorado from Asheville North Carolina to teach here at Soaring Heights. I have two sisters who already live here and they have been encouraging me for years to come find out how exciting St Vrain schools are. Soaring Heights is my dream school and I am thrilled to be a member of your community. I am so excited about all the opportunities your children and I have available to us here at Soaring Heights. We can explore, create, collaborate, invent, and learn in so many ways!


I have my Master’s in Elementary Education from Bank Street College in New York City. I taught kindergarten for 3 years in Tennessee, and kindergarten and third grade for 13 years in Asheville. I have been fascinated for my entire career with incorporating problem based learning, innovation and design thinking into early elementary education.


I moved to Longmont with my youngest child, my 18-year-old daughter. She is finishing up school and thinking about cosmetology and modeling. My middle son will be attending Colorado State in Fort Collins, and is majoring in Bio-Chemical engineering. My oldest son graduated from High Point University in North Carolina and is working in Graphic Design in Potomac, Maryland. My husband is still in Asheville getting our house ready to sell in the spring. We have a cat named Lilikoi and a spoiled, plump French bulldog pug named Bella. Lilikoi came with us to Longmont, but Bella stayed in Asheville.

I love reading, taking hikes, playing with my pets, cooking with my family and hanging out with my kids. I confess to binge watching on Netflix too. Some interesting details about me are that I grew up on the Big Island of Hawaii from age 6 to 19; I’ve lived in Providence Rhode Island, Seattle Washington, Hawaii, Santa Fe New Mexico, Annapolis Maryland, Washington DC, Paris France, New York City, Sneedville Tennessee, and Asheville North Carolina.

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