Kim Kroeger-Weeks

Occupational Therapist
Staff Department
Academic Support

Hello! I’m your Occupational Therapist.  I have been a school OT for 11 years, this is my third year with St. Vrain School District, and I love working here.  I have also worked in nursing homes, summer therapy camps, client’s homes, and a hospital. I have always gravitated toward schools despite these other environments because I enjoy the diversity of working with students.  I am from the Chicago area and I have a Masters in OT from Western Michigan University. I also have a Masters in Microbiology, so I made a big change when I got out of the laboratory! I have a daughter who is a junior at Arizona State University studying either speech therapy or audiology.  I also have a son who is a senior in high school, and he is the reason I discovered OT. He has autism, and within the first 10 minutes of his first OT session I knew I had finally found my true calling. When I am not working, exploring, or doing some type of creative project around my home, I train for triathlons.  My first race was in 1984 and a few years ago my friends told me I needed to do an Ironman, so now I’ve done 6. I’m getting ready to head to South Africa to participate in the Half Ironman World Championships, which I expect will be amazing journey. I love an adventure!