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Soaring Heights Middle School Newsletter – Contains useful links for online learning! This can also be found in Schoology.

Middle School 23-24 Toolkit

We are excited to be able to offer a robust selection of electives for our middle school students.  Please use these toolkit items to learn about our electives and elective selection. 2024-2025 electives coming soon.

Middle School Electives – 2023-2024 School Year

6th Grade Elective Course Request Form

7th Grade Elective Course Request Form

8th Grade Elective Course Request Form

Middle School Resources

2023-2024 Middle School Supply List – English

2023-2024 Middle School Supply List – Spanish

Prearranged Absence Form – Middle School

Soaring Heights 4.0 Parent/Guardian LTP Slideshow – Secondary

Fill your student’s lunch account – Nutrition Services

Middle School Co-curriculars

Learn more about Soaring Heights PK-8 Club Offerings and Athletics.

2022-2023 Back to School Night Middle School Presentation

Middle School Back to School Night 2022-2023

Frequently Asked Questions about our Middle School

Does the overall structure of the middle school side differ from what it is like at other middle schools?

How does a combined school work? Students will have a distinct elementary and middle school experience. In essence, the middle school at the PK-8 will function in much the same way a regular middle school operates. Students will take core classes and student chosen elective classes throughout the day and have a different teacher each class period.

Does Soaring Heights have Pre-AP or advanced classes for middle school?

We offer advanced core content options for every grade level at the middle school. Additionally, our proximity to the high school will allow for students to take classes at the high school if necessary (e.g. Algebra II in the 8th grade).

What electives are available in middle school?

We offer a full course in music including band, orchestra, and choir. Currently, we are also offering Drama, Leadership, Photography, 3D Art, Team Sports, Robotics, Spanish and more! We continue to develop other elective offerings that are student centered and driven by interest and ability.  

Does Soaring Heights have sports and after school clubs for middle school?

Soaring Heights 6th-8th grade students have the opportunity to participate in sports offered through St. Vrain including Girls Volleyball, Boys and Girls Basketball, Co-Ed Wrestling and Co-Ed Track. We work directly with our student body to provide after school clubs and activities that students have interest in which will range from robotics and coding to art clubs and theater programs for all ages. Please check out our clubs page for more information.

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